Many fesoi styles are men's and women's socks. This includes our tube socks with a particularly long shaft. This gives you a casual, gathered style when pulled down. Worn upwards, they become classic skater socks.

tube socks

Tennis socks, but in an exciting version: the fesoi overknee socks for women. Created for sporting challenges but also as an eye-catcher in combination with your street style and casual outfits.

overknee socks

Inspired by Japanese youth culture: fesoi Slouch Socks are particularly long socks with a wide shaft. Thanks to these features, you can wear them over the knee or casually gathered down as voluminous cuff socks.

slouch socks

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fesoi socks - convincing in style and quality

With fesoi socks you are not buying ordinary socks. fesoi socks clearly stand out from the crowd. Because we know: You have high standards when it comes to style and quality. And we demand the same from our socks. Our sock collection impresses with hip casual styles and maximum comfort. Compared to ordinary socks, fesoi socks have a particularly high material density for cushioning that you've probably never experienced before. A high proportion of cotton ensures a perfect foot climate.

Street style meets Japanese youth culture

fesoi socks are inspired by the street style of the 90s and Japanese youth culture. We deliberately produce the majority of our sock collection with a longer than average shaft. This allows you to create particularly casual looks. Wear your fesoi socks pulled up for classic skater boy outfits. Gathered down casually, they create the perfect accent for a sporty and casual loose look. Some styles in the women's collection even reach above the knee - exceptionally high for sports socks. True to the motto: whatever you like is allowed.