Tube Socks

Socks with a long shaft for a sporty, casual look for men and women

What are tube socks?

Tube socks are sports socks with a particularly high shaft. Tube socks are usually worn up to just below the knee. This makes them significantly longer than ordinary tennis socks, for example. As with classic tennis socks, the most popular color for tube socks is white. They are usually produced with one or more stripes at the top of the sock. The stripes are available in different colors depending on the manufacturer. However, socks with black stripes are the most popular. fesoi also produces its tube socks in this style.

Tube socks for men

Men can use tube socks to set sporty accents in their outfits. Combined with plain, short pants, tube socks are a real eye-catcher. They transform stuffy looks into a sporty fashion understatement. The best way to accessorize longer pants is to wear your socks gathered down to the ankle. This creates a perfect casual look. Tube socks look much more fashionable than average tennis socks, especially with sporty combinations. Wear them with trendy sneakers and try out different heights. For example, tube socks may look better with certain sneaker styles if you wear them pulled up to the knee. On the other hand, it can look fantastic with other shoes if you wear your socks gathered downwards.

Tube socks for women

Are you a woman who loves sporty outfits and sneakers? Then tube socks could be your new fashion it-piece. With tube socks as part of your outfit, you can create a focus on your legs and feet. They will show off your legs and unusual sneakers to their best advantage. The best way to wear long socks in a sporty style is with shorts or sporty skirts. Worn with jogging bottoms or leggings, tube socks not only ensure comfort but also emphasize your athletic look. The best way to do this is to wear the socks pulled over your trousers. For the perfect result, gather the socks downwards. This creates a pleated look that is a little reminiscent of the cuffed socks of the 80s.