Cushioned Socks

Fully cushioned sports socks for maximum comfort

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In the fesoi online store you will find perfectly cushioned sports socks in various designs and heights. fesoi socks are always full cushion. This means that not only the sole but the entire foot is padded with terrycloth. That way our socks ensure a perfect fit and optimum cushioning. We make no compromises when it comes to the material. We have chosen a material composition for our models that combines durability, comfort and breathability. The cotton content of our socks with padding is 76 percent. We're sure you'll love this quality!

What are cushioned socks?

Cushioned socks are socks that are thickened using a special production method. The yarn is laid in tiny loops. This type of fabric is known as terry cloth. Depending on the type of sock, the padding can be placed in certain areas such as the sole, toes or heel, but also around the entire foot. If the terrycloth padding is only on the sole, these are called half cushion socks. If the entire part of the foot is padded, they are called full cushion socks. This term is used for sports socks in particular. The function of the cushioning is to reduce the risk of friction and impact that can occur during sporting activities. However, padded socks do not only have clear advantages for running, soccer or winter sports. Cushioned socks also have impressive cushioning properties for leisure activities - whether worn in shoes or not.

Cushioned socks against blisters

Who hasn't experienced this? When wearing new shoes or sneakers for the first time, the unfamiliar friction can cause painful spots on the foot. New shoes rub particularly hard on the heel or toes. This leads to unwanted water blisters or sores. And often also leads to the new favorite shoes being put back in the closet for the time being. It usually takes some time before the new favorite shoes are broken in. During this time, many people help themselves by sticking plasters on the pressure points. Is that necessary?

The good news is that the likelihood of blisters, especially in new shoes, can be significantly minimized with the right socks. Cushioned socks reduce friction in shoes. At the same time, pressure points that occur in the shoe when the forefoot bends, for example, are distributed over a larger area. If you are prone to blisters when wearing new sneakers, you should always opt for fully cushioned socks. Socks that only have a padded sole generally do not provide optimum protection for the back of your foot. Also look for a thick cushion when buying. Thick socks provide significantly more protection than thin socks.