Why you'll love fesoi socks

fesoi socks are not only visually impressive, but also play in a different league in terms of quality. You will feel and sense this. High-quality materials and a high material density ensure that they offer you the best comfort and a fantastic fit that you have probably never experienced with socks before.

75% Cotton minimum

All fesoi socks have a cotton content of at least 75%. Cotton is soft, breathable and does not itch. At the same time, it ensures that any perspiration is perfectly absorbed. As a component of our socks, it offers you an ideal foot climate even at high temperatures and with padding.

Always full-cushioned

fesoi socks not only have a cushioned sole but are also fully cushioned. This means that the back of the foot is also padded with terrycloth1. You can rely on the fully cushioned socks from fesoi: they ensure a comfortable step and significantly reduce friction and blisters in your sneakers.

thick and heavy quality

No compromises! We don't skimp on material quantity and quality. You can quickly see this for yourself: fesoi socks are many times thicker and heavier than standard socks on the market. And even though we make our socks more elaborately and expensively than our competitors, we are convinced that you will love the difference.

1The fesoi Slouch Socks for women are excluded from this statement. For production reasons, these socks do not have terrycloth padding all over the foot. Here we create a particularly comfortable and cushioned appearance by using a thicker-than-average yarn with a high cotton content.